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5603 S. Henry Ruff Road. 
         Westland, MI. 48186
About New Life Christian Church of Westland

                                                                     ABOUT OUR PASTOR: 

Rev. Stanley Sargent was voted in as pastor of New Life Christian Church on July 16th 2016 at 1:10pm during a church meeting luncheon. He was installed as pastor on Sunday September 11th 2016 at 3:30pm at New Life Christian Church. 

                                                        INSTALLATION PASTORS: 

Pastor Marcus Johnson, Pastor Demetrius Finley, Pastor Willie Cleveland, Pastor Cedric Ashford, Pastor Timothy Jones, Pastor Michael Peterson, and Pastor Darryl Bynum. 

Pastor Sargent is a true man of God, who believe in the teachings of God's Word. He allows you to ask questions and gives his heart to ensure that you have a true understanding of God's Word. (If you are in Sunday School or Bible Study: Never sit under a pastor or teacher if you're not able to expound or allowed to ask question(s). 

He is led by the Holy Spirit to reach out to the community to fulfill their spiritual needs. Pastor Sargent is "strongly" community focused and rebuilding lives by giving them new life of knowing that God is a God of second chances. Pastor Sargent does not judge; he tells everyone "just come as you are; don't worry about the suit, tie, or dress shoes, don't worry about the dress, skirts, hats, or heels, just come and receive God's Word and have a good time praising the Lord". 

He teaches us to be a church of love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, faith, hope, and charity. ( Colossians 3; 1-17 also Galatians 5; 22-23.) He also teaches us to be a "team ministry".  He let's you know there is no big I's and little you's. New Life Christian Church is a team building God's Kingdom.

He stands on an open door policy. You will never find his office door closed; unless he is praying or in a meeting. He welcomes your visits. He loves to shake hands, hug, laugh and  tell jokes. He is on-call for you!.  

Pastor Sargent received biblical awards from teaching, working with the youth, seniors homes, and the community. He also has musical talent where he received awards for "Drummer of the Year", and a "Welcome to the Community"  award from Honorable William R. Wild, Mayor of Westland Michigan. 

Stop by and meet our Pastor. You will be amazed that he is not like any other pastor that you may be use too. 

                                        ABOUT NEW LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH: 

New Life Christian Church started with several former members of Gateway Missionary Baptist Church; after Gateway MBC had gone through some challenges and unfortunately had to close for a while in the beginning of 2016. During the closure, some former members from Gateway MBC saw a spiritual need to restart the ministry and called upon Rev. Stanley Sargent as interim pastor.  

After careful consideration of what needed to be done in the Lords name and the many challenges of what the church had faced and gone through, it was decided and voted to change the name of the church to start a new beginning. After many prayers and team brainstorming, the members decided to name the church "New Life Christian Church". On June 26, 2016 in familiar surroundings, love for the Lord, our members and community; our dedicated team wanted to continue their journey with the Lord in this house. Since that time , Pastor Sargent and New Life Christian Church has been under many attacks of Satan enemies; nevertheless; we have strong ministry leaders and God to fight our battles. We are still standing strong and the doors are open to serve the Lord and this community. 

Since opening, we have started an "Outreach Ministry" for the members, community and the surrounding communities.  New Life Christian Church has a strong compassion, to love and serve those who wants' to be helped and brought back to the love of Christ. We are a team ministry and together through our Lord Savior Jesus Christ we can and we will continue to build God's Ministry.  

We enjoy giving God the praise, in song and spirit; most of all we enjoy learning God's Word.
                                                    OUR VISION: 

                    By the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Together growing spiritually, stronger rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Becoming a resource church of the gospel and doing what Christ have us to do, by stepping outside of the four walls of our comfort zone and becoming a soul saving ministry by reaching those who are lost; building new lives with spiritual walls, rebirthing lives back to Christ by the Word of God; showing love, compassion, forgiveness, and heart; not only for ourselves, also to the world. A "Changing Heart" church.

You're All I Need - By Hezekiah Walker
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